Syllabus Changes in IGCSE Mathematics for Year 2019 and Year 2020-2022

by Mr Austin Lau #austinpower
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Cambridge has updated the syllabus for IGCSE Mathematics for year 2020-2022. This is to ensure that students are able to keep up with the current trends in the maths world. Some topics have been removed to further add knowledge of the current topics. We will be highlighting the subtopics added or changed in the 2020-2022 mathematics syllabus.

Numbers and Algebra and Graphs

A new subtopic has emerged in the “Numbers” chapter, where students will have to represent and interpret inequalities on a number line. As for “Algebra and Graphs”, students must understand the idea of a derived function, use the derivatives of functions of the form axn, and simple sums of not more than three of these, apply differentiation to gradients and turning points (stationary points) and able to discriminate between maxima and minima by any method. Students will have to construct tables and draw graphs for functions axn  and abx + c. They will have to recognise, sketch and interpret graphs of functions.


In the old syllabus, students only learn a few different Circle Theorems. However, in the new syllabus, alternate segment theorem has been added.


Under Trigonometry, students will have to learn a new sub-topic which is trigonometry graphs and equations. Students will need to recognise, sketch and interpret graphs of simple trigonometric functions. Moreover, students will also need to know the properties of trigonometric functions and solve simple trigonometric equations for values between 0°  to 360° . Other than learning and solving trigonometric functions and equations, students need to learn about the perpendicular distance from a point to a line is the shortest distance to the line.


Students now have a new sub-topic, which you have to calculate conditional probability using the diagrams, tree diagrams and tables


In the new syllabus, bar charts, pie charts, pictograms, stem-and-leaf diagrams, simple frequency distribution, histograms with equal and unequal intervals and scatter diagrams are tested. Students will have to construct and interpret those 7 diagrams and box-and-whisker plots. 

Removal of Matrices and Loci topics

“Matrices” from Matrices and Transformation chapter had been removed. As for “Loci”, it had been removed from Geometry to make room for new sub-topics to be included in other chapters.

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Written by Mr Austin of VBest
Edited by Ms Shwu-Tiinn

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