Top 10 Reasons to Choose VBest

by Ms Shwu Tiinn
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Little Insights On the Humble Journey Of the Learning Centre.

A centre, the home of education, and to experienced teachers in VBest. We provide you with the top-notch educators who will be teaching, leading, guiding you to achieve par excellence, not only academically, but also life in general. VBest is also regarded as the leading home of education and the provider of international syllabuses, specially designed for IGCSE Cambridge and IGCSE Edexcel.

Reaching a two decade benchmark, with experienced and qualified teachers, assembling generations of top students across the world. Our students have been accepted into prestigious universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London in the UK, to the Ivy League Universities in US, and are now pursuing their respective careers as professionals in various fields. A high percentage of them also received scholarships, both from private and public sectors for their outstanding achievements and results.

Experienced Teachers

It is credence that good teachers produce fantastic students. In this rat-race society where education became part and parcel of our life, parents became more conscious about their children’s results compared to the past generation. Education acts as a catalyst for us to pursue or dreams and ambitions. Without education, we may not achieve what we want in life.

VBest has the creme de la creme of teachers- Mr. Sai Mun, more than 12 years of teaching Chemistry and Physics, regarded as a ‘star’ teacher among students; Mr. Austin, started teaching since 2007, has coached more than 100 students with 91 percent distinction rate in Mathematics and Additional Mathematics.

All in all, VBest provides you with the finest teachers who convey education in a simplistic manner that anyone, and everyone can understand, and catch the gist of any subjects.

Conducive Study Environment

Studying comprises of digesting tons of information. How could we efficiently store most of the information, and commit them into memory? One way is to practice, another way is to have an acumen method to memorise the information. All of these needed to come hand in hand with a conducive study environment in order to commit all that you have learnt into memory with utmost efficacy.

VBest tutorial centres prioritise a positive classroom environment equipped with air-conditioned and soothing colour rooms that increases a student’s ability to learn and feel comfortable as a member of the class. Teachers at VBest are also committed to their students whereby they show concern to the development of their students and are there to cultivate the students’ curiosity and interest in learning.

The environment that VBest purveys, is of numero uno, cited by the sheer amount of commentaries from parents and students. This conducive learning environment not only motivates students in their studies but to make them feel at home as well.

Teachers Are the Beacons Of Light

It is laudable to say that our teachers are willing to walk the extra mile in helping their students and preparing them for the impending examination, are of the quintessential values that VBest purveys.

Teachers of VBest not only teach what is in the syllabus, but also guide students to realise their paths of lives, to discover their true potential, and to act as a springboard for the students to awaken the sleeping giant inside them. VBest students are really glad to have attended this institute of learning, or tuition.

Our teachers also provide students with the simplistic, methodical, creative way to approach any subjects. Thus, making learning not so much of a burden, but a fun, enjoyable, process that students can relish upon and remember for a long-term.

Two Way Learning Style

Students dreaded the old-school vogue of teaching where teachers recited the syllabus verbatim from the textbook, this approach of teaching is of a failure in this 21st century. Capturing the attention of the students during lessons is of utmost importance in order to impart the knowledge into them more efficaciously.

Asking, answering, interacting, games, exchanging ideas, having interactive ways to convey a certain information is imperative in order to encourage the students to learn more. Every teachers here in VBest have a distinct, discreet stratagem to captivate the students to learn, by interacting with them in a more elaborative manner to broaden the mindsets of students and creating a fun learning environment.

“Simple and understandable”, “Fun and interactive”, “Methodical yet easy-to-understand.” These are the compliments from our students who love the creative way of how our teachers have conducted in teaching them.

Getting More Than It’s Worth

Undeniably, education is crucial in this generation as viewed by students and parents. However, it is palpable to say that people want to buy something that is affordable and more than it’s worth. This is what VBest purveys.

VBest provides you with the economical fees that comprises of a conducive learning environment, teachers teaching in the area of their expertise and a pressure-free learning style. These are the benefits that have been listed down that you will get from the affordable and economical fees.

Established Administration 

The exasperation of not getting the accurate information, the frustration of not obtaining information fast enough, the annoyance of the brusque tonality of the administration, is a bane to the people who want to acquire the service of a particular organisation.

VBest has an efficient and established administration. Parents and students are often satisfied with the efficiency that the tuition centre provides. Our administration team are always prepared to provide you the best that we can and cater to your questions astutely. Students and parents are VBest’s priority.

Ardent and Experienced Teachers

VBest has 8 outlets in various strategic locations. If you are interested in enrolling into any of your preferred centres or teachers in VBest, we are more than happy to help.

Teachers here in VBest were carefully handpicked and are qualified in the area of their expertise. Most importantly, our teachers are passionate and dedicated towards teaching which will provide students with the highest quality of education possible.

Astounding Results and Achievements

It is undeniable that every students are eager to achieve good results and the competitive mindset of theirs will encourage them to work harder and invest the amount of time and effort to attain their desired goals.

VBest is the frontier of producing numerous talents in many fields. Some of the students have become professionals in the medical field, the research field, the engineering field, and many more professional fields. Furthermore, we also produce a huge amount of students that score straight A*s in any type of examination, especially in IGCSE.

Preparing You For the Future

Working life, the reality, your future, is the most vital element that our students have to worry. Rest assured, you, the student of VBest have not a single bit of worry in you because we will give in our all to guide you to become a versatile intellect to surmount the life problems that are flung to you.

VBest encourages their students using simulations of real-world problem solving solutions, developed to improve students’ problem solving skills. Our students have produced promising results after attending classes at VBest as they have been well-trained by our teachers.

This style of ‘real-life’ approach is immensely welcomed by both the students and the parents because students learn the extra knowledge where other people do not have, and being able to apply those extra knowledge in real life to stand out among the banality, and to be recognised by other people.

More Than a Place to Learn, It is a Home to Learn

Comparatively, a home to learn is better than a place to learn. The terminology of ‘home’ is used because we ensure that student who joins VBest enjoys the fun learning environment, feel at ease and welcome to be a part of the big family.

Besides, teachers at VBest are more than a mentor to the students. They can be approached as a friend so that students are willing to open up to their teachers under any circumstances and also to make the class an interesting one. This two-way communication between students and teachers is necessary for the students’ success.

In toto,

All parents want to provide their child with the best possible education ensuring that they are equipped with the grades they need to pursue their future ambitions. We ensure that the high quality education and care that VBest provides will be up to every parents’ expectation and is definitely a place for students to achieve their desired goals in the near future.

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