The 4 Birds Personality In A Child

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What is personality? Personality is defined as individual differences in characteristics or qualities that develop a person’s distinctive character. It includes an individual’s speaking style and his or her pattern of behaviours.  Personality begins to develop in a child at the age of 4 to 7, the preschool years. Thus, parents should have an understanding of the child’s personality at this stage.

Personality plays a big part in the children’ learning preferences, especially in the classroom and to develop their social skills. For instance, the children like to focus on details or the concept, enjoy studying alone or in a group, prefer experiential learning or writing-based learning. Whereas in a workplace context, the ability and achievement of an employee can be determined based on their personalities shown.

Personality begins to develop at the age of 4 to 7 years old

Here are the traits of the DOPE, and the development of their strength and weaknesses.

Dove – Peaceful

Strength: Loyal, friendly, great team-player, people-oriented
Weakness: Avoid change, confrontation, risk-taking & assertiveness

Owl – Wise

Strength: Logical, mathematically minded, methodical, love details
Weakness: Avoid risk taking, inflexible with sudden changes of rules & logic, slow decision maker

Peacock – Showy

Strength: Enjoy talking & being the center of attention, enthusiastic, positive-thinker
Weakness: Talkative, poor time management & weak in details

Eagle – Bold

Strength: Dominant, loves challenges, decisive & straight-forward
Weakness: stubborn, insensitive to people’s needs and feelings, can lose sight of the big picture

With these personalities types in mind, what do you think their learning styles will be? Also, what can be their strong and weak points if they are given a task to work on? Most importantly, what are the ways to deal with these 4 types of personality?

Here are how each personality can be tackled :

Dove – They are people-oriented. They seek support for their opinions and ideas. Hence, one has to be relaxed and agreeable when communicating with them. Use the word “we” often to show your support and compliment him or her as a team player. Be a good listener instead of a speaker if you want more expression from them.

Owl – They like to spend time to research and work out all the angles. One has to be prepared to answer many “how” questions from them. When interacting, try to provide more analysis, facts and evidences if possible. Also, allow time for them to evaluate. As a teammate, compliment them for their precision and the accuracy of the work.

Peacock – They like being involved in events, know what their role is and are the exuberant life-and-sole of the party. Hence, always be enthusiastic, open and responsive to their ideas. Yet, try to minimize their involvement with the details.

Eagle – They are active, but can be easily bored. They also like to aim for the point of a story and snappy decisions. In other words, they have a goal-oriented character. Hence, they favor a business-like and factual attitude. One should focus on the task and the expected results. Skip the details if possible but provide them with required information in a concise, precise and organised way.

DOPE 4 Bird Personality Test is not the most accurate test for one’s personality. Yet, it is one of the most used test in schools and companies due to its accessibility and the easy use by non-professionals. DOPE is an easy guide to how we behave and handle things. We can determine our abilities and explore our potentials with the knowing of our dominant personality. It is also a key for us to understand and communicate with others more effectively.

Lastly, with this link provided, we hope that everyone can have fun in exploring which dominant bird personality you have.

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