4 Techniques of Scoring in an Exam

by Mr Zi Yao
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Practice lots

Understanding the concept is a great start but without the practices, there is a high possibility of making small mistakes in your workings even though your thinking was along the right lines. It can feel tedious but it pays off massively when you come to the exam and you realize you have done hundreds of questions in your revisions.

Link concept up

When we learn Math, it can seem like a bunch of completely different topics one after another. But in reality they all linked together and being able to take two seemingly unrelated topics and use them in conjunction is a high level skill as often tested in the hardest questions

Clarity is the key

It is impossible for the examiner to give you the mark you deserve if they can’t understand your writing, even if all your working is correct. You need to make sure you lay out all your answer as clearly as possible. Do not afraid to add titles or commentary inside your working, explaining what you doing and why.

Do more Past Year Questions

This is the most important tips in scoring A* in A Level Math Exam. Remember that although A Level Math can feel like a huge subject with vast amounts of content to cover, there are actually only so many types of questions that can be asked in the exam. By going back and doing past papers you will see the patterns of the questions and that determines what you might have to face in an exam.

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Written by Mr Zi Yao of VBest

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